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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Mar 11, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 15.12 MB
Downloads 74,840
MD5 687c597aae3e0e04a02439d32c15d36b
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c786f73 - add eye height for baby skeleton. Fixes #5258
af95891 - Change fluid wrapper canFill/Drain to check fluidstacks so that nbt can be checked. Related to #5209
559e983 - simulate IC2 charge on chargepad instead of assuming a specified interface. Fixes #5242
16af03f - remove assumption that plankWood oredict entries can be wildcarded. Fixes #5266
62aae6d - send fluid nbt to client, as it is needed for some fluids
8a9f654 - render correct colour based on stack in GUI fluid tank (nbt reasons)
7225144 - make many more Mekanism fluid renderers Stack aware for NBT purposes
8c06618 - blacklist IE metal device blocks that may contain multiblock from the cardboard box closes #5290 closes #5291
fa95d96 - Use a state object for the hack tesselator 'pause' instead of static variables
2c6e198 - Allow the BakedCustomItemModel hack to do the hack when it's on the main thread (regardless of drawing state). Not ideal, but might help
fc6d593 - Attempt to fix weird error #5259
047c830 - Fall back to FMLCommonHandler if world is not WorldServer where we otherwise expected it to be. Should fix #5271
ede829d - move entities to the reg event
451d950 - add more IE blacklist entries from Blu
07b344e - CraftTweaker: add recipes to internal maps earlier/lazily
edf10c5 - version bump
9d4b06f - version bump (missed gradle prop)

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