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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Mar 9, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 15.12 MB
Downloads 42,091
MD5 dd3fbfdffdb71ada34ad0becbfe34f17
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Java 9
Java 8


4b084e3 - prevent NPE in Thermal Evap Container. Fixes #5089
b5332af - fix a missed y level check for security desk
694f415 - prevent oredictionarificator from receiving a vertical facing. Fixes #5093
12735c6 - use fakeplayer for canSilkHarvest. Fixes #5090
624998b - Add energized smelter to smelting catalyst
f275826 - Fixed armor spawning checks firing when they shouldn't.
7058574 - don't create a tag compound just to attempt to read from it
e8bcebd - try to avoid creating an nbt tag where its only going to be read
8debfe6 - move log on cardboard box blacklist outside loop
b0bfdd3 - supply player arg to getPickBlock in Atomic Disassembler Finder. fixes #5146 & closes #5178
7c4df1f - enhance ja_jp.lang
48b3dba - update ja_jp.lang  gui.stockControl  gui.allowDefault  gui.sizeMode
2a72072 - update ja_jp.lang  update.visit
a2d6cd1 - update ja_jp.lang  gui.out  gui.structure  gui.mult  gui.securityOffline  gui.and  tooltip.ReactorNeutronCapturePlate  sideData.Fill  sideData.Empty  sideData.Charge  sideData.Discharge
e758d62 - remove keys same as en_us.lang
a582d8c - Removed markDirty() call from TileEntityBasicBlock::onChunkLoad
3456396 - Add combiner recipes for Cyclic's nether/end ores
fd63890 - Remove Optional.Method annotation per @thiakil
26abf50 - Fix missing item check
e3a2fa1 - Fix ae2 api download failure by using latest version
486e5d4 - Move int/long clamps to MekanismUtils & document Clamp power to max values rather than letting it wrap
4c21f4b - JEI Gas rendering fix and easier gas coloration (#5213)
ae2348c - fix crash with dank/null due to unsupportedoperationexception
dd7d04d - remove redundant instanceof/cast
d1915ed - remove some more UnsupportedOperationExceptions in CustomItemModelFactory
c72bc10 - update version, skipping to 9.6
5aabf26 - exclude jei from ae2 api, so we use ours only
553a70b - change no recipe found messages to use logInfo
d740993 - attempt to add mtlib as optional dep in cursegradle & fix deprecated dep key names
0315f34 - Fix #5285; chunk loader was writing [xyz] as key and reading [xyz]Coord

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