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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Apr 25, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 15.29 MB
Downloads 85,770
MD5 71513e8837912233481dfa53a7ab4f35
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Java 8


f523000 - add friendly error message if non-deobf and the MekanismApi class is loaded from the api jar
d093d4b - fix error message in Recipe helper class
5ad3331 - fix logic error in state check
56bb493 - null check List<SideData> return
342a951 - Register ic2 in validate too, to circumvent nested chunkloading weirdness, closes #4974
108f4dd - sanitise Glowpanel itemblock damage values
bf69367 - Publish curseforge on commit to master
b5220bd - change curseforge config to use property rather than env var
933e119 - autogenerate changelog
66953a3 - ItemStackInput - cache hash and wildcard variant to avoid constant ItemStack copying
b42a6b7 - cache factory recipe to avoid continuous lookup
1728a7c - add inputMatches methods
f2a14a2 - account for the fact that factories have more than one process when caching
0bb6e41 - Don't eat buckets in the Fuelwood Heater. Fixes #5019
7d8f001 - Fix quartz ore combiner balance. Fies #5020
aef6aa0 - Support both cf api key methods
8e1f0e5 - Updated Russian translation
a71d95a - Prevent guis/containers from staying open after the TEs block is unloaded. Fixes #4976
11606e1 - add fallback to GIT_PREVIOUS_COMMIT variable in changelog generation
424e84a - bump version

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