Mekanism Generators

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


May 27, 2017

Owner: bradyaidanc

33cc203 - Fix copy paste error making removeAllRecipes for metallurgic infuser not work. Closes #5507
a30326b - Run OreDictManager recipes at lowest priority to try catch mods adding to oredict during recipe event
55e8980 - Add non null params to the super call on DummyWorld, add try/catch around its construction in case something else goes bad
4dd1e81 - Use sendToAllTracking for update packets (#5496)
de9450a - Fix API version number as #5496 had not been merged for the version it was bumping API to
33957bd - Fix a tiny bit of math broken by #5496
180183f - Fix purification chamber being able to accept wrong gases directly from IGasItems #5502 Also improved handling overall for how IGasItem is treated by the GasConversionHandler, so that we better obey the gastank we are going to try and insert into
c9a9acb - Simulate amount the network has room for, rather than the amount that rate it can transfer at (#5513)
20b612b - BlockBasic Property changes (#5484)
8bdc452 - fix bad BlockBasicType constructor param names
8e8ff1d - Glass is supposed to have fullBlock as false for the lighting engine
d10a623 - Fix a few calculations for in transit transporter calculations
b49e45a - Void gases from machines on load if invalid, as discussed in #5502 (#5519)
9702af8 - Temporarily change a few block's opaqueness back to false to fix some rendering changes they caused.
5fe806e - update ja_jp.lang (#5520)
91d3f6f - Update various outdated lang keys pointed out by #5520
e337441 - Bump version to 9.7.8