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The mod includes a variety of things like swords, picks, axes, hoes, armor, structures, a new dimension, new crafts, minerals: red diamond and with that armor and tools are made. And things made with things from the game and nuevo sistema de mejoras.

tooth sword: to get a new item you have to break a plant in the new dimension, which to open the portal you have to find a structure that is generated rarely and that can confuse you with an equal but without the lighter item, when you achieve To enter that dimension you will have to break the new carnivorous plant and craft it as if it were to make a dye, it will give you the tooth and you can make the tooth sword.

Red diamond: this is easier, it is mostly achieved in layer 6 and 8, all you have to do is mine it as if it were diamond, its texture is similar to that of reddish stone but it is clearer and not emits light.

mod review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4YOIOaHTGs&t=65s