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This mod is a standalone version of the Manamotor and Spinerette available in GBPTweaks, it allows you to convert Botania Mana to RPM through the usage of Spinerettes (with mana) and a Manamotor. You can bind the Spinerettes to the motor using a Wand of the Forest from Botania. The Spinerette can be placed on five different tiers of soil which determines the amount of RPM that each bound flower adds to the total amount of RPM generated by the Manamotor. By default, from lowest to highest RPM generated the soils are: Dirt, Rooted Dirt, Grass Block, Podzol, Enchanted Soil (Overgrowth seed soil), however this is tag based so can be configured. 


The more Spinerettes you bind to one Manamotor the less stress capacity it provides, so you should use the highest tier soils you have available.


Additionally, the RPM generated, amount of Stress Units produced and mana cost of the Spinerette can be configured in the config folder.


I will likely not be porting this mod to Fabric for the fabric versions of Create and Botania, or to newer versions of minecraft