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Uploaded Jun 12, 2020
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Official MCT Discord
Fixed timer sometimes not responding to RS signal
Update zh_TW.lang

Fixed compat with IP over the IE pump
Added Item Output to Distiller's JEI page
Update zh_TW.lang

Config option to change trash OSD to per tick

Added CraftTweaker function for adding always-pressurized fluids to Pipes (Steam is enabled by default)
- Only if replace_IE_pipes in config is true
Hijacked IE pump, can now change its transfer rate when fluid is pressurized
- Uses pipe_pressurized_transfer_rate in config file to determine its transfer rate into IT pipes
Performance boost for IT implementation of pipes
- Only if replace_pipe_algorithm in config is true

Missed some side config for Steel Barrel
Fix Open Barrel having 2 tanks
Players can now choose which implementation of pipes to use (IT Pipe algorithm in config)

Actually Remove Config Option for Pipes (pipe_pathing_known is unused)
More Steam Turbine steam input balancing tweaks
Make Coke Preheater block not exist when disabled
Fixed Alternator producing power even after the Steam Turbine has been destroyed
Disabling multiblocks now also hides it from JEI
Fix Steam Turbine warnings if output recipe is null

Revert some pipe logic
- Config value for pipe_pathing_known removed
Also sped up recipes for Steam production, keeping new ratio

*** Major Balancing Changes***
Boiler Biodiesel consumption is now 10Mb instead of 5Mb (Silfryi)
Boiler Gasoline consumption is now 50Mb instead of 5Mb (Silfryi)
Boiler Diesel consumption is now 7Mb instead of 5Mb (Silfryi)
This puts them more in line with IE and IP power production values

**Steam now produces more per mB of water then less**
1000Mb Water Produces 2000Mb Steam
1000Mb Distilled Water Produces 3000Mb Steam
Steam Turbine now consumes 500Mb of steam per operation and returns 50Mb water by default
**To accommodate this you will need pumps to extract Steam from the Boiler and Solar Tower at Pressurized Rates in pipes (1000Mb)**

An optimal setup for one Steam Turbine would be -
3 Distillers outputting Distilled water to -
1 Solar Tower with 4 Solar Reflectors and

1 Boiler
Then feed a Steam Turbine with -
1 Pump extracting Steam from the Solar Tower and
1 Pump extracting Steam from the Boiler

Also Optimized tanks on various TEs
A fix for #98 Boiler Fuel Consumption was half what it should be
A fix for #97 Fluid stack could be Null in some cases

Implement #90, multiblock structures now show in JEI
Fix #91 Fluids not updating properly in the Advanced Coke Oven

Make Pipe Pathing configurable - 2 options in the config, always use a known path until full, or use a random path
- caution on known paths, multiple tanks with the same fluid will have loops. Use valves to alleviate loops
Added a Steel Barrel, top/bottom faces are configurable
Added manual entries for Barrels
Prevent Open Barrel from underfilling
Last feature release for 1.12, bugfixes are the only thing planned from now on

Add dependencies for CoFH Core and Redstone Flux
Creative Barrel now shows localized fluid name
Optimizations on the Open Barrel
Fix Open Barrel OSD when holding valid capability handler

Fix for server side crash with valves

4 new blocks!
- Creative Crate, a chest that can have an item inserted, and allows extraction of an infinite amount of that item
- Fluid Valve, allows limiting Fluids moving through it
- Stack Limiter, allows limiting Items moving through it
- Load Controller, allows limiting Energy moving through it
Config has some removed items, check your configs!
Holding shift for more details on trash cans was removed in favor of new valve blocks
Make sure dummy block is hidden in JEI
Changed Creative Tab Icon
Fixed Preheater IF display issue for TOP #72
Fixed Preheater being bad in many more ways
Add manual entries for new blocks
Add recipes for new blocks
Remove Manual entries when Multiblock is disabled #74
Alternator and Steam Turbine now both disable if Steam Turbine is disabled
Solar Tower and Solar Reflector now both disable if Steam Turbine is disabled
Improvements to Fluid Pipes

Reworked Trash Cans, they now show how many items trashed in the last second while looking at them, and while sneaking gives an average over the last minute
Trash has changed config options, check your config and fix accordingly
Fix for Issue #56
Fix for DDD crash using item ducts

Fixed Item Trash crash in certain conditions
Fixed pipes never transfering at pressurized rates

Major changes! Please take note!
TileEntitys have been changed dramatically to improve performance
This change should be fully compatible with previous versions of Immersive Technology and Immersive Tech
There is a feature to go a long with this that fixes many issues with IE Pipes, if disabled your world may not convert correctly
Reverting from this version to earlier versions is not supported, and may cause issues, back up your world if you feel you need to revert!
Config Filename has changed! Make sure to update your values!
IE Pipes, have been patched with IT Pipes there is a config option to disable this
IE Pipes (IT Pipes) will no longer break on chunk borders, and refresh their states properly on reload
IE Pipes (IT Pipes) normal and pressurized values are controlled in the config (NOT IE Config)
Added more slots to the item trash can(9 total)
Fixed multiblock interdiction for the Advanced Coke Oven
Added TOP values for the Steel Tank
and many more tweaks, formatting, import changes

Add recipe for Open Barrel (why would you need one?)

Change ZenClass name to be compatible with modtweaker - 4.0.18
*changed from mods.immersivetech to mods.immersivetechnology*

Fix Multiblock Interdiction and Names
Some Optimizaions
Added Steel Tank, output can be up to 1 bucket if supported, tank size is adjustable
Added Open Barrel, it will collect rain water if left in the open, it will lose water in hot biomes and the nether, only input on top or by hand, output on bottom.

*Immersive Tech 1.12-1.3.10 can still swap seamlessly with this version*
Fix CraftTweaker Removal for Distiller single fluid
Added a few more slots to Item Trash to handle mass deletions
Major Refactoring - Not much original (if any) code is still left, refactored to fit other mctmods
Major Revamp of BlockITBase & BlockITTileProvider
Also a fix for server errors on Creative Barrel

Fix Item Trash not Dropping
More performance improvements
Blockbounds change for all Trash Cans
Efficiency Improvements for Trash and Creative Barrel

Added Gasoline Fuel Recipe for Boiler
Added Diesel Fuel Recipe for Boiler
Switched Biodiesel Recipe to look for first registered fluid
Removed Unused Imports
Bit of formatting cleanup
Fix #28
Revamp of JEI pages
Adv Coke Oven Substantial Performance Improvement

Fix crash on server with fluids
Make fluid use more universal (hopefully fixes texture issues)

Balancing changes for the SteamTurbine
Updated English Localization
Removed invalid entries in other localizations, i'm sure they need proper translation (please help)
Added MCT to the mod logo
Added Chinese Localization (Thanks to Aemande123)
Fix issue #21
Fixed Boiler Input for Fluids
Changed Fluids to colorable fluids
Added OSD for Item Trash
Added Item Trash OSD to CN translation (Probably needs to be fixed up)

*Config Rewrite* - Organize and cache values in certain areas, all old values are unused and will need to be set to the new values
Fixed up OSD On the energy trash, fluid trash and creative barrel
OSD for Fluid and Energy Trash
Timer changed to be 1 second instead of 1.05 seconds

Fix names... Bump Version

Revamp of the audio system, Crashes and weird sound behavior should be finally gone now
Fixes issue #15 plus a typo in the steam turbine's code
Speed of Advanced Coke Oven and its Preheaters can now be configured
Added sound to Advanced Coke Oven
Cache some commonly used values on the Timer, improves some performance
Removed some debug code on the Timer
Creative Barrel Optimizaions
Added check to Barrel to prevent crash when empty
Fix Creative Barrel can drain to 0 in certain conditions
Changed and Added some localizization to OSD on the Creative Barrel
Solar Tower Revamp, with sounds
Fix for machines not accepting fluid when empty
Put TEs all in Init
Refactored Sound Handler
Some code cleanup
Fix for array out of bounds, Check for worlds with existing Solar Towers

Remove Scala Dependency

Thanks to Kurtchekov for the Sounds, and Alternator fixes!
Config has changed, it is suggested to delete it and let it be re-created.

Added sounds to Alternator and Steam Turbine, Steam Turbine's sound depends on rotation speed while Alternator's depends on stored energy levels
Removed torque since it did absolutely nothing, should be more intuitive now to players and also slightly improve performance
Added sound to the boiler, proportional to the heat level
Added sound to the Distiller, plays during the processing of recipes
Fix Dedicated Server Crash
Alternator now produces the correct amount of RF and, as a bonus, can finally connect to RF/FE cables! Some minor fixes and tweaks along the way as well...
Fixed several problems with Timer and streamlined the way it works under the hood
Creative Barrel will tank input from Bucket or Pipes and set the fluid in the Barrel to max amount
Fixed model location and images to be more consistent
Added config options for Energy Trash and Fluid Trash in case of not wanting to destroy as much per tick
Energy Trash now shows amount that is being trashed in TOP
Hopefully the final sound fix
Temp Fix to prevent Sounds Crashing the Client

Removed Unused Code
Added Trash for Items
Added Trash for Fluids
Added Trash for Energy
More code Consistency
Fixed slot amount on NBT
Fixed Particles on Break
More TE consistency changes
More consistency on TE common code
Add checks to Fuel Input on Boiler
Start some Consistency on Common Code for TEs

More Fixes for Boiler and Release

Testing Boiler Fixes on Server, not quite there yet
Fixed minor errors in json files
Old name creeped back in, not sure how...

Removed the Generic Recipes
Rewrote almost all machine Recipes to IE MultiblockRecipe
Combined Distiller Recipes in to one class
Muted some warnings
Adjusted recipe defaults
Rewrote JEI for most Machines
Full CraftTweaker Support on all Machines

Add name to config to prevent conflicts with immersive tech config file

Fix Recipes to reflect what it says in the manual
Fix the output on the Alternator per port
Fix the Steam Turbine output and accompanying Recipe
Set static values on TEs for items loaded from config
Increased default tank size on Steam Turbine
Lowered max RF output defaults on Steam Turbine
Removed config RF tick per port and set it to 1/6th the max output (keep RF production from happening out of nowhere)
Register TEs in preInit
Register ore entries after items are registered

Update archive name

Fixed link in

Updated Manual to reflect changes needed for release

Updated Modinfo to reflect changes needed for release

Actually fix version info....

Fix mod link and version info

Initial Unofficial Release
Fixed 3D model warnings
Fixed Steam Turbine
Fixed GUI errors coming from JEI
Fixed bucket inputs on Distiller, Solar Tower and others
Added configurable salt item for Distiller
Russian Language by Shellyoung
Some Crafttweaker support by Kurtchekov (untested)
Fluid Output on the Steam Turbine by Kurtchekov
A lot of Formatting, and more, and much much more
Added logging

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