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Meowy's Curse-of-Life



meowy's col, with ironic circles and arrows and two "Download NOW!"s scattered on the screen

download download download pls

(better description below lol)


what is it?

this mod is a bit weird. originally, all it was, was just me testing out MCreator, and made some mediocre stuff like a sword that just kills everything. then, boom. "what if i make it good?" then this was born. it basically is supposed to make the game better and have cool stuff, but isn't that the purpose of almost all mods?




because this is a mod, dummy. smart downloader!


there is also some creative exclusive stuff like some mario blocks for you to have fun with :]


is it even good tho?

yes it is.

if you think otherwise, i know where you live :3


some notes:

will i make the version 1.XX.X?

it depends on mcreator, ofc.

will i make a fabric port?

no, but u can :3

will this mod work with ___?

yea but maybe duplicates idk because this contains alot of the basic QOL stuff like tin and crap



kk thanks download this now alright bye