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A mod that provides a ChatGPT interface inside minecraft

Modrinth CurseForge

This model knows it's inside Minecraft, and will respond accordingly.

  • The model is limited by ChatGPT's training data, which ended around when 1.17 was released.

Usage Example


  • Use /mcchatgpt-auth <token> with your OpenAI token to authenticate with the API
  • Use /ask <question> to ask the model a question, the model will respond in the chat with context from the last 10 messages.
    • Hover over the message to see the number of tokens used and approximate cost of the API request.
  • Use /setcontextlevel <0-3> to set the context level of the model.
    • Higher context levels will provide the model with more information about the world and the player but will cost more per API request.
    • 0: No information (default)
    • 1: Player information
      • + ~100 tokens per request
    • 2: Player and world information
      • + ~200 tokens per request
    • 3: Player, world, and entity information
      • + ~1k tokens per request
  • Use /nextconversation go to the next conversation, or start a new conversation with the model.
  • Use /previousconversation to go back to the previous conversation with the model.
  • Use /setconversation <conversationid> to set the conversation with the model to a specific conversation.
  • Use /listconversations to list all the conversations you have had with the model.
    • This will provide the conversation id, and the last message you sent in the conversation.


  • model: The model used for the API requests.
    • Must support Chat Completions otherwise an error will occur.
    • gpt-3.5-turbo is the default value.
      • If changed, you may need to change the estimated_cost_per_token value in the config to match the new model.
    • You can find a list of models here.
  • temperature: The temperature used for the API requests.
    • Between 0 and 2, higher values will result in more creative responses, while lower values will result in more deterministic responses.
    • 1.0 is the default value.


  1. Download the latest version of the mod from the releases page
    • If you are using the fabric version, please download the latest version of Fabric API
  2. Place the downloaded mod files in your mods folder
  3. Launch Minecraft

Reporting Bugs

If you find any bugs, please report them on the issue tracker.