MC Odyssey

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MC Odyssey


Current Version: 0.0.X


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Updates to the mod weekly!


Explore new biomes, dress in some new sweet armour, and log every new creature you discover, but be careful because in some biomes radiation is prevalent! You can see what the radiation is doing to you with the new radiation tracker above your health. Fight mother nature and more in this mod, MC Odyssey.


Including The Following Items:

  • Radiation Meter (For Nuclear Biomes)
  • 5 New Biomes
  • 40 New Items
  • 10 New Ore
  • 10 New Armour / Weapon Sets
  • 20 New Blocks
  • 1 New Dimension
  • 2 New Fluids
  • 5 New Randomly Generating Structures (With Mob Bosses in Each)
  • 5 New Bosses
  • 7 New Creature Mobs
  • 6 New Hostile Mobs
  • New Weather Conditions (Acid Rain, Flash Floods, Lava Leaks, and More)


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