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9.8M Downloads Updated Jan 15, 2019 Created Feb 21, 2017

A parody mod to end all mods

4.5M Downloads Updated Jun 16, 2018 Created Oct 1, 2016

Small changes to make the minecraft health system a bit more difficult

8.5M Downloads Updated Mar 1, 2020 Created Jul 1, 2016

Adds water strainers to filter water for common resources.

4.9M Downloads Updated May 11, 2020 Created Dec 23, 2017

Adds many small features to Minecraft without significantly changing the game.

1.7M Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2020 Created Dec 9, 2018

Not a magic mod. | Snow Gravity & Accumulation | Snow-covered blocks | Tweak snow...

3.7M Downloads Updated Feb 2, 2020 Created Aug 30, 2015

Adds a trash slot to the inventory screen that allows deletion of unwanted items.

5.8M Downloads Updated May 4, 2020 Created Jan 28, 2017

A bunch of miscellaneous, vanilla-compatible tweaks for Minecraft, such as player head drops, sound system...

10.8M Downloads Updated Jan 12, 2019 Created Sep 21, 2016

Work it, twerk it, grow that wood!

3.5M Downloads Updated May 2, 2020 Created Jun 20, 2018

ZenStages gives modpack makers the tools to create a staged modpack easier and faster! When...

3.6M Downloads Updated May 25, 2020 Created Jan 23, 2017


4.7M Downloads Updated Jan 19, 2020 Created Jun 29, 2017

Makes the void hate you a little less (and vice-versa). Fall down and come back...

2.8M Downloads Updated May 2, 2020 Created Jul 7, 2017

Customize player death consequences, including selective keep inventory, soulbound enchantment, experience loss, respawn potion effects...

10.4M Downloads Updated Apr 22, 2020 Created May 8, 2017

A mod by CreeperHost designed to enhance the multiplayer community aspect of modpacks. Public server...

3.1M Downloads Updated Mar 25, 2020 Created Feb 7, 2015

A mod that allows for global/default gamerules

4.6M Downloads Updated Aug 22, 2019 Created Mar 23, 2018

Allows progress that extends beyond a world.

2.5M Downloads Updated May 25, 2019 Created Apr 23, 2019

This mod removes the cumulative XP cost when enchanting or repairing items in the anvil,...

3M Downloads Updated May 19, 2020 Created Jul 21, 2017

A mod which aims to improves the vanilla playthrough

2.7M Downloads Updated May 22, 2020 Created Dec 18, 2016

Feel the pain!

2.8M Downloads Updated Apr 2, 2020 Created Jun 18, 2018

Remove the block, item, and biome ID limits by using the 1.13 chunk format in...

983K Downloads Updated May 15, 2020 Created Dec 20, 2019

A mod that improves the content in Buzzy Bees.