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17.5M Downloads Updated Dec 17, 2019 Created Feb 20, 2017

Localizes the wither and dragon attacking sounds.

16.2M Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2020 Created Nov 20, 2017

Allows for more options when adjusting the GUIScale option as well as making it a...

14.2M Downloads Updated Jan 25, 2020 Created Jan 10, 2016

Simple inventory sorting tweaks

15.7M Downloads Updated Apr 29, 2020 Created Sep 24, 2016

There, I fixed Minecraft for you. Various optional tweaks to improve Minecraft Quality of Life....

6.8M Downloads Updated Feb 3, 2019 Created Jun 29, 2018

A mod to allow you to utilize resources which utilise a Let's Encrypt certificate

10.7M Downloads Updated May 6, 2020 Created Jan 19, 2018

Draws all font smoothly for better readability and can replace to fonts in your computer.

16.6M Downloads Updated Sep 21, 2017 Created Sep 19, 2017

Tightens the selection box of the hopper to allow you to access visible blocks behind...

20.1M Downloads Updated May 17, 2020 Created Dec 5, 2015

Places a gravestone with your inventory items inside when you die

10M Downloads Updated May 3, 2020 Created Jan 6, 2018

Removes the Recipe Book button from the player inventory and crafting table GUI.

4.7M Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2020 Created Jul 16, 2015

Enable changing of the minecraft icon, title, and adds other little options. Allows adding a...

10.1M Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2019 Created Nov 20, 2015

Switch between conflicting craft recipes

9.1M Downloads Updated May 16, 2020 Created May 25, 2017

Adds some new ways to craft items, as well as extra crafting items and utilities.

11.5M Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2019 Created Aug 18, 2015

Extends hardcoded block id limit

12.3M Downloads Updated Feb 18, 2018 Created Dec 3, 2017

A small mod that fixes the vanilla "stuck in bed" bug

7.2M Downloads Updated May 24, 2020 Created Dec 11, 2015

Crafting grid tool repairing, paxels, tweaks and more!

3.1M Downloads Updated May 25, 2020 Created Nov 27, 2016


4.4M Downloads Updated Apr 13, 2019 Created Apr 11, 2019

Customizable loading screens

15.2M Downloads Updated Apr 13, 2020 Created Nov 27, 2014

Makes leafs decay faster

5.1M Downloads Updated Apr 7, 2018 Created Oct 4, 2017

The sound of trumpets echoes through the night...

4.6M Downloads Updated Mar 4, 2019 Created Jan 2, 2019

A mod that forces the main menu to have a constant gui scale