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656K Downloads Updated Apr 18, 2019 Created Apr 20, 2017

LandCraft: A Minecraft mod adding the Landia dimension and various stuff

718K Downloads Updated Sep 22, 2017 Created Sep 2, 2015

This mod will change your HUD (Heads Up Display) and add a few new features...

494K Downloads Updated Oct 4, 2019 Created Feb 23, 2018

The magical mysteries of pinkly sheep revealed (hint: it's awesome)! Also a lite adventure RPG...

919K Downloads Updated Jul 3, 2017 Created Jun 29, 2014

This mod makes pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, carrots, and potatoes drop from tall grass at...

371K Downloads Updated Oct 5, 2019 Created Jun 5, 2019

Adorable little pests that can be tamed and trained in combat, automation, resource gathering, cooking,...

844K Downloads Updated Jun 21, 2018 Created Apr 4, 2016

Adds right click to harvest crops

478K Downloads Updated Apr 27, 2019 Created Oct 9, 2017

Have you ever wanted to try fishing in lava? Now you can!

92.9K Downloads Updated Sep 15, 2019 Created Aug 27, 2019

Adds underground structures, treasures pots, mushrooms, stalactites and even more !

118K Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2019 Created Jul 14, 2019

Extends the farming system with more fruits, vegetables, and meals

333K Downloads Updated Oct 10, 2019 Created Sep 29, 2014

Adds in the aspect of eating villagers... or yourself

153K Downloads Updated Jun 21, 2019 Created Nov 26, 2018

This mod adds items and blocks from future versions of Minecraft.

170K Downloads Updated Apr 16, 2019 Created Jul 10, 2018

This Mod is the continuation of ChocoCraft 3, which adds a rideable creature called a...

1.1M Downloads Updated Jan 21, 2018 Created Sep 17, 2016

A Harvest Moon inspired mod with seasons, crops, animals, mining and town building

112K Downloads Updated Sep 1, 2019 Created Jun 12, 2019

Nax's Organic Menu

1.1M Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2019 Created Jan 27, 2017

Saves stats on death & modifies default health

97K Downloads Updated Aug 24, 2019 Created Aug 15, 2019

This Mod Adds Peanuts to the Game!

133K Downloads Updated Sep 6, 2019 Created Apr 15, 2018

Adds imaginary animals to your worlds.

96.9K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2019 Created Oct 24, 2018

Makes sugarcane & cactus growth configurable.

1.9M Downloads Updated Sep 1, 2017 Created Nov 1, 2014

This mod adds a mob called Chocobo to the game. This includes different coloured mob...

341K Downloads Updated Jan 5, 2018 Created Dec 16, 2016

Cooking with Vanilla