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MODID: rmportalgun
╠ Version: Alpha 0.1.0
╠ Features
║     ╠  "Portal" gun - fires ender pearls
║     ╠   Portal Serum - used to craft the portal gun, made from infusing Unfinished Portal Serum with a Shulker Pellet in a Brewing Stand
║     ╠   Unfinished Portal Serum - Used to craft Portal Serum, made from infusing Negative Mass with Dragon Breath in a Brewing Stand
║     ╠   Negative Mass - Used to craft Unfinished Portal Serum, made from infusing an Awkward Potion with a Chorus Fruit
║     ║
║     ╠   Shulker Pellet - Drops from Shulker Bullet when the collide with a block
║     ║       ╚   Summons a Cultic Crystal above a block that is right clicked while holding it, consuming the item.
║     ║
║     ╚   Cultic Crystal - A crystal that attracts hostile creatures, and blows up attackers. Mobs that use projectiles take a particularly harsh
║                                     explosion. Has HP, but not hearts. HP is based on number of hits instead of strength. To give it more HP feed it Shulker
║                                     Pellets.
╠ Known Bugs
║ ╠ Hostile Mob AI regarding attraction to CulticCrystals is buggy - caused by Java Type Erasure - EntityAINearestAttackableTarget does not extend EntityAITaskEntry
║ ║ ╚ Fix: manually iterate over the tasklist and check the task each entry wraps
║ ║ ║ ╚ Cultic Crystal doesnt spawn/render - fixed ║ ╚ Future Features
╠ Auto-updating config - config will update during PreInit and update the already existing config with new options and remove deprecated ones. [P:Low]
╠ New MODID - woolasling ╠ Cultic Crystal ║ ╠ Bugfix: Will render properly [PRIORITY (P): 1] (Lower numbers have higher priorities) ║ ╠ Will aim beams at each (experimental) nearby entity and players wearing a skull - Does not deal damage; Lets Players see nearby mobs [P:3] ║ ╚ Recipe: Will be made from right-clicking an ender crystal with a modified Shulker Pellet; will have a transformation animation [P:2] ║ ╠ Portal Gun ║ ╠ Will have a {FancyPants} GUI ;) [P:4] ║ ╠ Will fire portals that entities 2x2x2 or smaller can enter, brings you to location input in the GUI (see {FancyPants} GUI) [P:4] ║ ╠ Will Generate new dimensions for a much higher durability cost - Can generate any dimension type - Can enter world seed [P:5] ║ ╠ Will use RF as well as durability - 1 Durability per use, RF cost modeled by algebraic function (TBA); Generation cost quite high [P:6] ║ ╚ Will allow players to alter dimension terrain/ore generation and mob spawning. Higher rates cost more RF [P:7] ║ ╠ TileEntityModification [P: LOW] ║ ╠ Name a tile entity after another tile entity with a modid prepend, model and hitbox will change to name user changed to. ║ ╠ Rotate model by right-clicking with a stick named "rotator" ║ ╚ Example: Name a flower pot "minecraft:purple_shulker_box" and the model will change to a purple shulker box. ║ Will still only hold flowers, etc.

╚ Current In-Dev features
╠ MODID and all references updated - done
╠ CulticCrystal - model updated to have glowing symbols - done
                  ╠ CulticCrystal Recipe Animation - Working: adding a capability to EnderCrystals



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