MasCraft - Huge RPG Mod

298 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 22, 2013

MasCraft is one of the biggest RPG mods for minecraft, adding many new dimensions, mobs, blocks and items. It's created by Massycraft and you can visit the official Wiki here. The Wiki is maintained by Massycraft and Miceycraft, and shows every single item, block, mob and dimension added by the mod so that you can easily view recipes and see what new features are added by the mod. It is recommended that you install the NotEnoughItems or CraftingGuide mod to view recipes easily in-game.

Currently MasCraft is in Alpha stage, which means that there's plenty of stuff still being added as the mod updates. This also means that you may experience occasional bugs, which should be reported so that they can be fixed. In it's current version (v0.8), MasCraft adds:

  • 9 new ores.
  • 15 new unique blocks.
  • 52 new material items.
  • 26 new tools.
  • 19 new weapons.
  • 8 new armour sets.
  • 19 new special items.
  • 2 new dimensions.
  • 6 new mobs.
  • 3 randomly generated structures.

To see what is being added to the mod right now, visit the official changelog here. Massycraft adds features to the changelog as soon as they are developed and before they are released into the mod, so you can see sneak previews of what is coming in future updates by checking out the changelog regularly.


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