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3.8M Downloads Updated Oct 15, 2019 Created May 4, 2017

A collection of tools for testing and developing mods and modpacks.

1.1M Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2020 Created May 14, 2018

Stat icons for quickly comparing tools, weapons, and armor

2.2M Downloads Updated Jan 5, 2019 Created Jan 5, 2019

Makes the world selection screen easier to use and find worlds

2.9M Downloads Updated Feb 10, 2019 Created Apr 28, 2018

A JEI addon for Extreme Reactors

678K Downloads Updated Mar 2, 2020 Created Oct 1, 2019

Useful commands, homes, kits, warps, server utilities and more...

7.8M Downloads Updated Mar 25, 2020 Created Oct 27, 2014

Minimap and Worldmap. Have an overview of your surroundings, or view the entire world....

14.1M Downloads Updated Jul 10, 2015 Created Mar 25, 2014

Adds stats to the tooltips of Tinkers' Construct tool parts

2.5M Downloads Updated Feb 29, 2020 Created Nov 19, 2016

Custom books with formatting and pictures

667K Downloads Updated Mar 19, 2020 Created Jun 27, 2019

A simple mod to provide users with NEI-like light level overlay.

3.2M Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2020 Created Jun 2, 2016

Shows health and damage received for mobs, NPCs, and players

3.2M Downloads Updated Mar 23, 2020 Created Apr 29, 2018

A mod that allows modpack creators to display modpack credits and verify the modpack has...

9M Downloads Updated Jun 8, 2015 Created Oct 23, 2014

NEI Integration for Thaumcraft 4

5M Downloads Updated May 15, 2019 Created Mar 21, 2014

Custom Books with pictures, recipes for modpack makers. As well as a library for storing...

927K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2019 Created Apr 30, 2017

Configurable harvest levels for tools and blocks

345K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2020 Created Apr 7, 2018

A client and/or server mod that gives nice a way to view the mean tick...

2.3M Downloads Updated Apr 14, 2018 Created Aug 28, 2014

A utility mod that allows for other mods to easily include in-game documentation

1.9M Downloads Updated Dec 10, 2017 Created Dec 4, 2017

A JEI addon that helps you to see what villagers have to offer.

2M Downloads Updated Apr 24, 2018 Created Mar 23, 2018

A compass given to players that points to their last death position.

2M Downloads Updated Mar 15, 2019 Created Mar 8, 2018

Allows the JourneyMap mod to be staged with GameStages

689K Downloads Updated Mar 25, 2020 Created Feb 8, 2017

Generate names for villages and villagers, as well as for other entities and structures.