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đź‘‹ Strike a pose!
The Mannequin is the perfect companion for all your training needs. These wooden dummies can be posed, suited up with armor for that extra style, and even fought to test out the great strength of your best weapons. Want something a little more static? The Statue can provide everything the Mannequin can, but frozen in place by the stone. The Statue doesn't move when punched and it even has legs! (no, you cannot put anything on them or pose the legs. sorry!) Everything is easy to use and intuitive so even beginners can pose their mannequins with ease.


  • Easy to use posing GUI with scroll bars for absolute precision
  • Armor slots for a chest plate and helmet
  • Two hand slots for the main and off hand
  • The Mannequin and Statue can be given unique personalities! By sneak right-clicking them with their respective tools (Mannequin uses an axe and the Statue uses a pickaxe) you can cycle through multiple faces.
  • The Mannequin has a unique attack animation when punched and particles showing how much damage you've done, while the Statue only shows particles!
  • For server admins; you can lock a mannequin by setting a boolean called "Disabled" in the NBT

🧍 How to use:
It's quite simple! First of course you need to craft either the Mannequin or the Statue, then you place it down and right click it for all the customization you could want! On the left you have 4 slots for each item it can hold, in the center you can select which part you want to rotate, and lastly on the right you have 3 scroll bars for each axis; X, Y, and Z! Use your mouse's scroll wheel for super precision, or be brave with sliding it down with the click or drag of your mouse. To break the Mannequin, all you have to do is sneak when punching it (multiple times, like the Armor Stand) and it'll drop! The Statue requires you to be holding a pickaxe when breaking it.