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Filename malilib-1.12.2-0.9.0.litemod
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded Dec 6, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 235.28 KB
Downloads 44,635
MD5 bf2cda1e91c3cfb2017cc6f400d8038c
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • 0.9.0:
    • Add String list configs, some config related changes and renamed one interface
    • Add a feedback-sensitive version of GuiTextInput
    • Add a new util method to Color4f to clone a color with different alpha
    • Add a few render util methods (moved from Litematica)
    • Add some new util methods (some moved from Tweakeroo)
    • Refactor some of the config interfaces and stuff a little bit
    • Further fix/improvement to keybind handling, related to the recent fix
    • Change the drawOutline() util method argument handling
    • Some render method fixes/clean-up
    • Support line breaks in the Gui messages
    • Fix the key re-check logic breaking things with simultaneous key releases
    • Tiny refactor to KeybindMulti. Add a util method to get the storage string.
    • RenderUtils and inventory overlay util methods refactoring
    • Mark the file browser icon provider return value as Nullable
    • Fix ButtonGeneric hover strings not getting split from '\n'
    • Remove ButtonIcon and ButtonHoverText. ButtonGeneric now has those functions.
  • 0.8.5:
    • Fix the inventory background rendering for small inventories (Beacon)
    • Close the read JSON files
    • Don't allow crafting, armor or offhand slots in findSlotWithItem()
    • Remove the color() call from the GUI background drawing (allows callers to set the color)
  • 0.8.4:
    • Fix one of the Shulker Box utility methods (used by Tweakeroo)
  • 0.8.3:
    • Don't use the title hierarchy in the text input dialog
    • Fix button hover texts breaking Gui messages rendering (and maybe other stuff too)
    • Add/change a couple of inventory GUI and shulker box util methods
  • 0.8.2:
    • Add a config option to completely ignore some keys (if they tend to get stuck)
    • Add some more inventory util methods (moved from Tweakeroo and Litematica)
  • 0.8.1:
    • Update Reference class in build.gradle (fixes version numbers)
    • Improve the inventory overlay rendering
    • Fix config defaults/reset stuff being broken in the ConfigTypeWrapper