Majrusz's Progressive Difficulty

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Filename majruszs-difficulty-1.17.1-1.3.0.jar
Uploaded by Majrusz17
Uploaded Oct 9, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +5
Size 698.60 KB
Downloads 54
MD5 771a0d69d8105a53f29d473bff6b0fbc
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+ changed required Majrusz Library version from 2.5.0 to 2.6.0
+ added Tank mob
+ added Tank to 3rd4th and 5th waves of the Undead Army
+ mobs during the Undead Army now cannot create Mob Spawner when there is a player nearby
+ mobs during the Undead Army now cannot spawn in groups
Skeletons during the Undead Army can now spawn on Skeleton Horses
the Undead Army mobs now cannot pick up any items
Zombie spawned when a player dies now cannot pick up any items
+ reworked Treasure Bags and added information about possible loot in the description
+ added Treasure Bag progress reset command
+ reworked the way most items descriptions work
+ changed End related items names
Hoe of the End now tills 3x3 area
+ added Set of the End and King of the Ocean Set
+ reworked Blood particles
+ added Blood particles to all mobs
+ added new Bleeding related advancement
+ using Bandage on any villager now increases reputation with them (lowers prices)
Phantoms now have a chance to inflict Levitation on Master Mode
+ added command that starts the Undead Army
+ added command that informs how many undead were killed before the Undead Army starts
+ reworked all of the commands
+ most of the Undead Army commands now also take player/position parameter
+ removed End Keeper mob
+ fixed bug with the Undead Army not always freezing water underneath
+ fixed bug with the Undead Army attacking itself
+ fixed bug with the Undead Army's armor drop chance
+ fixed bugs with the Undead Army commands
+ fixed Charged Creeper AI that makes them explode near wall
+ fixed Giant experience bug
+ code refactoring and optimization

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