Majrusz's Progressive Difficulty

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Filename majruszs-difficulty-1.16.4-0.7.0.jar
Uploaded by Majrusz17
Uploaded May 31, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +5
Size 605.93 KB
Downloads 61,320
MD5 7a98c4274a26a0d9c79d66924b6511e2
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Java 10
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


+ changed minimum required Majrusz Library version from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0
+ added new mob: Creeperling (smaller version of Creeper)
+ added extra bonus for regional difficulty when the player reaches Expert Mode and Master Mode (+0.15 and +0.3 respectively)
+ added command for checking current regional difficulty (with Expert Mode and Master Mode modifiers)
+ added new item: Golden Bandage
+ added 2 new Inventory items: Idol of Fertility and Certificate of Taming
+ added new effect: Bleeding Immunity
+ added new mechanic for Inventory items: effectiveness (Fisherman Emblem, Lucky Rock etc.)
+ added all Inventory items to Villager trades
+ Creeper now on explosion may spawn certain amount of Creeperlings (Normal Mode: up to 1, Expert Mode: up to 3, Master Mode: up to 5)
+ Creeper now takes only 10% of the damage dealt by other Creepers (Expert Mode)
+ Creeper's explosion will now ignite nearby Creepers (Expert Mode)
+ Slimes can now apply Slowness (Expert Mode)
+ changed Lucky Rock's loot tables
+ changed certain items rarity
+ changed certain tooltips and config comments
+ changed textures of most of the items
+ fixed bug with Giant Seed having a chance to drop twice
+ fixed certain minor bugs

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