Majrusz's Progressive Difficulty

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Filename majruszs-difficulty-1.16.4-0.6.0.jar
Uploaded by Majrusz17
Uploaded May 20, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +5
Size 548.12 KB
Downloads 38,117
MD5 d7340cd3ac2b92200f18ecce00625050
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Java 10
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


+ changed minimum required Majrusz Library version from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0
+ added new AI goal to Creepers (they can now explode when the player is behind the wall)
+ explosions are now up to 4 times bigger
+ explosions can now leave fire behind (from Expert Mode)
+ added Giant Seed
+ added Lucky Rock
+ added chinese language (thanks to @qsefthuopq)
+ added new loot to End Ships and Flying Phantom structures
+ added new Endermite spawners to End Ships
+ added new model for Hermes Boots
+ updated/changed most of the textures
+ increased Fisherman Emblem's luck bonus from +2/3/4 to +3/4/5
+ increased chance for Fisherman Emblem from 5% to 7.5% (Fisherman Treasure Bag)
+ increased movement speed bonus for Hermes Boots from 20% to 25%
+ Wither Sword now have only 33.3% chance to drop instead of 100% (Wither Treasure Bag)
+ changed End Ingot crafting recipe
+ fixed bug with generating End Ships and Flying Phantom structures
+ fixed bug with Llama spit having a chance to apply Bleeding
+ fixed bug with Fisherman Emblem being always active
+ fixed bug with entities not having always their damage and health increased (mostly in structures)
+ fixed bug with Endermans always triggering teleport on attack
+ fixed compatibility issue with Performant (Skeletons were not doing anything)
+ fixed certain item tooltips and config comments
+ removed structure block hidden inside Flying Phantom structure

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