Majrusz's Progressive Difficulty

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Filename majruszs-difficulty-1.16.4-0.5.0.jar
Uploaded by Majrusz17
Uploaded Feb 12, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +5
Size 521.78 KB
Downloads 854
MD5 351d616646679dfba914634cfbe7ee3e
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Supported Java Versions
Java 10
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


+ changed minimum required Majrusz Library version from 1.1.0 to 1.3.0
+ changed mod logo
+ added End Shard Ore (new late game ore and destroying this block triggers all nearby Endermans)
+ added End Shard, End Ingot and End Block
+ added Infested End Stone (spawns Endermites when destroyed)
+ added End Shard Locator
+ added tools and full armor made from End Ingots
+ added Tattered Cloth (drop from Elite Skeleton)
+ added crafting recipe for Undead Battle Standard
+ added new commands: "undead_army highlight", "undead_army undead_left" and "undead_army kill_all"
+ added possibility for disabling Treasure Bags
+ added ability for Enderman to be triggered when other nearby Enderman is attacked (Master Mode only)
+ added ability for Enderman to teleport target (Master Mode only)
+ added ability for Shulkers to inflict Blindness (Master Mode only)
+ added Elite Skeletons group with up to 7 sidekicks (Master Mode only)
+ added chest for End Island Forge structure
+ added 2 new structures: End Military Ship and End Trading Ship
+ added End Shards to loot tables for most End structures
+ added particles when Undead Army place Monster Spawner
+ added armor for Undead Army entities
+ Undead Army may now be summoned at day time
+ Undead Army is now highlighted after some time when at least half the army is dead
+ Undead Army wave may end automatically after 2 minutes when there is only 1 or 2 undead left
+ increased kill requirement for Undead Army to spawn from 50 to 100
+ increased chance for Jockey to naturally spawn (Expert Mode+)
+ changed Fisherman Emblem texture
+ changed way the extra experience is calculated
+ replaced Undead Battle Standard chance from Undead Army Treasure Bag with Tattered Cloth
+ removed Giant from Undead Army
+ fixed bug with Bleeding not being visible

+ fixed bug that was crashing the game at wave end

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