Maiden's Marvelous Materials

47,499 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Stained Wood Blocks and the items used to craft them

The stained wood planks, slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, shown in all 16 colors. Also shown are the pigments, dye baths, stains and corresponding vases.

Colored Clay Bricks and the items used to craft them

Colored Clay Bricks, in both normal and large, blocks, slabs and stairs. Shown in all 16 colors. Also shown are the colored clays, colored clay mixes and colored clay blocks. (bottom)

Gemstone Ores and Gemstone Tile Blocks

Gemstone ores (bottom) shown with all 6 styles of each corresponding gemstone tile block.

Tree logs and associated blocks

Tree logs, leaves and vines. Wooden planks, slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates from the tree woods. Also shown are the tree blossoms, and saplings for each tree.

Colored Clay Vases

The vases that can hold pruned tree blossoms. Shown in all 16 colors, with various blossoms.

Wood Doors

Doors crafted from all of the vanilla woods, plus the mod woods. Shown in all 6 styles.

Stained wood doors

Shown in all 16 styles, all 16 colors for each style.

Various Mod items

More of the items used in this mod, including the pruning shears and mortar& pestle. Also shown is the Ornamental Grass, which is found in the Ornamental Forest.

Example house 1

A little house I built using some of the wood blocks and trees from this mod.

Example house 2

Another small example house made with this mod.

Book view

Some of the pigment recipes shown in the Marvelous Materials Manual.

Ornamental Forest 1

Ornamental Forest 2

Ornamental Forest 3

Ornamental Forest 4