Maiden's Marvelous Materials

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Beta for 1.15.2 is now available! Thank you all for being so patient with me! <3
Work has had me crazy busy, but I've been plugging away at this whenever I can. Updates to 1.12.2, bug fixes for 1.14.4, and of course, 1.16 are also in the works. I haven't forgotten them, I promise! :)  Stay tuned, and enjoy the new version, everyone!




Drumroll, please.....1.14.4 is now out for Beta testing! 

This is your chance to play with all the new changes and inform us of any bugs you find, and we'll fix them as soon as we can. The update includes several changes.


First, there are 2 new biomes! You can now explore the Ornamental Orchard, which is full of trees that grow delicious fruit. Or, you can wander off to the Oasis shore and harvest some coconuts from the palm trees that grow there. 


There are also 2 new types of trees--Poinciana, which has orange-colored blossoms, and a Jade tree, which has green-colored blossoms.  You can now create stairs and slabs from the clay blocks, and the mosaic tile blocks, as well. 


I hope you enjoy the changes. Look for 1.15 and 1.16 updates to come soon--we're working hard to get them finished!

And keep an eye out for my Holiday Mod, which is also coming soon! Thank you for being patient with me!





I now have a discord server: Click here to join!  :)

New Ornamental Forest Trees! A new Biome, The Oasais Shore


A new Biome, The Ornamental Orchard!



Version 3.0 is live!


***The bug causing the Naked Ornamental Forests has been fixed in version 3.2. Sorry about that, guys! Thank you to those who made me aware of the problem!***


New Enchantments!  

-Fancy Feet: Be extra! Leave a path of tiny flowers whenever you walk across grass. All the cool kids are doing it. 

-Flower Power:  This special enchant goes on a shovel, and has two purposes: It lets you harvest Ornamental Grass, and you can use your enchanted shovel to create an Ornamental Path.


 Request implementation:

-Changed grout texture

-Planks are back in the ore dictionary, along with the rest of the blocks, minus the doors.

-Guide book explains that gem tile blocks can only be mined with silk touch, once they are placed.

-Ornamental Grass, brick blocks, clay blocks all have appropriate harvest levels .



-Recipes for Bookshelves, pressure plates and buttons have all been changed to use slabs instead of planks. This was necessary in order to incorporate the Planks, etc. back into the Ore Dictionary.

-Fixed several broken recipes.


Other changes:


- Changes to Ornamental grass have made having Ornamental Dirt unnecessary, so it has been removed. Regular dirt will change into Ornamental Grass, providing it is surrounded with more than one block of Ornamental Grass, and it has adequate lighting.

-Ornamental Grass can now be changed into Farmland by using a Hoe.



Version 2.0


****Special Note****

Due to some feedback about the Gatherer's Glee potion being possibly used as an exploit on servers, I have decided to drastically reduce the drop rate of Earthen Essence.  The potion will have the same duration and effect, it will just be harder to come by Earthen Essence to make it.   This could still possibly change again, depending on future feedback.



 New Blocks:


Available in mod woods and all 16 colors.


Pressure plates:

Available in mod woods and all 1 colors.



Available in mod woods and all 16 colors.



Available in all wood types, all 16 colors.


Gem blocks:

Available for all mod gems. Crafting recipe is same as that for a diamond block, or ingot blocks. Can be dismantled into 9 gem chunks by crafting.


Essence blocks:

Available for Floral and Earthen Essences. Recipe for crafting/dismantling is the same type as gem blocks.


Vine-covered Cobblestone:

Available in all tree vine types: Crabapple, Dogwood, Jacaranda, Laburnum, Paulownia, Silverbell, and Wisteria. Recipe uses the same template as mossy cobblestone.


Vine Tie:

This block can be placed underneath vines to stop them from growing. The block is created by crafting string and floral essence together. The block itself, once placed, is completely transparent so as not to interfere with the aesthetic of builds.


Item changes:

Grout is now a reusable item in the crafting table. One batch will do 4 uses, 32 mosaic tile blocks.


Logs and Planks can now be used to create sticks. 


Logs and Planks now correctly burn in a furnace, and can catch fire.


Logs can now be smelted into Charcoal.



Bug Fixes:

Mica ore is now correctly controlled by config file settings.


This mod adds several types decorative building blocks, a new biome, and new crafting items to the game.

 The biome, which is called The Ornamental Forest, is full of colorful trees. The trees vary in sizes, and some have vines that naturally grow on them. Throughout the forest, glowing mushrooms can be found growing on trees. This helps to light your way while you're exploring the forest. The tree leaves can be harvested for their blossoms, using a special pair of pruning shears. The blossoms can then be pulverized into pigment, using a Mortar & Pestle, or they can be used as decorations to place in special vases.

 The pigments created from the blossoms are used to color clay for bricks, or to make stain for colored wood blocks. There are several new gemstone ores, which drop chunks of gemstone that can be broken up into fragments using the Mortar & Pestle. The fragments can then be used with grout to create decorative tile blocks.

 The trees can be harvested for saplings, the same way as normal trees can be. There are also 2 new potions, which require essences that can be found by chopping wood, harvesting blossoms, or mining ores. The potions give you double drops on wood logs and ores, or give you the ability to harvest blossoms without pruning shears.


Tree Types

Cedar: Warm brown colored bark, with warm, reddish wood on the inside.  Foliage: bright green, non-flowering.
Crabapple: Pale brown bark, with grayish wood on the inside.  Foliage: dark pink/bright red flowers.
Dogwood: Light brown bark, with warm, pinkish wood inside.  Foliage: pink/white flowers.
Jacaranda: Warm tan colored bark, with bright, godenrod colored wood.  Foliage: purple and pink flowers.
Laburnum: Dark brown bark, with yellow/brown rings and yellow/brown streaked wood.  Foliage: yellow flowers.
Paulownia: Grayish-brown bark, with very pale, cool toned wood.  Foliage: cyan/blue flowers/vines.
Carolina Silverbell: Dark  brown, orange and green-striped bark, with warm peach-colored wood inside.  Foliage: White flowers/vines.
Wisteria: Dark brown/gray streaked bark, with pale, warm white wood inside.  Foliage: blue/violet flowers/vines.


Ores   (All ores can be found in every biome)

Amethyst: Purple
Aventurine: Green
Carnelian: Orange
Chalcopyrite: Teal/Iridescent
Citrine: Yellow
Jade: Pale Green
Jasper: Bright Red
Labradorite: Turquoise/Yellow
Mica: White/Iridescent
Moonstone: Pale Blue/Iridescent
Rose Quartz: Pale Pink
Sodalite: Dark Blue



Gatherer's Glee: Created by brewing Earthen Essence with a Mundane Potion. This potion gives you double the amount of drops of all logs and ores. Duration: 45 seconds.

Floral Fortune: Created by brewing Floral Essence with a Mundane Potion. This potion allows you to bypass using the pruning shears (which break after around 24 uses).  Duration: 45 seconds.


Block List

All new tree types: logs, leaves, saplings, vines (except cedar), planks, slabs, stairs, fences, gates.

Ornamental Grass: Found in the Ornamental Forest.  Available with flowers or  without.

Ornamental Dirt:  Found in the Ornamental Forest. It is darker than normal dirt. 

Fairy Glow-Cup: Bio-luminescent mushroom that only grows on trees in the Ornamental Forest. Can only be harvested by Silk-Touch tools.

Ores: Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Chalcopyrite, Citrine, Jade, Jasper, Labradorite, Mica, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Sodalite.

Colored wood blocks: planks, slabs, stairs, fences, gates--16 colors.  Created by staining wood blocks.

Colored bricks (normal): blocks, slabs, stairs--16 colors.  Crafted from colored clay bricks.

Colored bricks (large): blocks, slabs, stairs--16 colors.  Crafted from colored clay blocks.

Colored clay: blocks--16 colors.

Clay Vases:  Tree Blossoms can be placed inside these for decoration. These do not work with flowers, only blossoms.  16 colors.

Doors: 6 styles, all vanilla woods, all mod woods, and 16 colors.


Item List

Pruning Shears:  These are used to harvest blossoms from flowering trees.  Crafted from Iron Ingots. Good for 24 uses or so.

Mortar & Pestle:  Used to crush ores into fragments, and blossoms into pigments. Crafted from Iron Nuggets and Ingots. Good for about 32 uses.

Tree Blossoms: Crabapple, Dogwood, Jacaranda, Laburnum, Paulownia, Carolina Silverbell, Wisteria.  Can be placed inside vases as decorations.

Pigments: 16 colors

Colored Clay: 16 colors

Colored Clay Bricks: 16 colors

Colored Clay Mix (for large bricks): 16 colors

Colored Clay Vase (unfired): must be placed in a furnace to harden before use.

Dye Bath (must be heated to become colored stain): 16 colors

Colored Wood Stain: 16 colors

Door plans: 6 styles (crafted from paper and ink sacs)

Dark Iron Mix:  Combining Charcoal with Iron Nuggets makes a dark colored  Iron mix, ready to be smelted into an ingot.

Dark Iron Ingot:  These are used to create the Dark Iron Inlay for doors.

Dark Iron Inlay (for making door style 4)

Gemstone Chunks: Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Chalcopyrite, Citrine, Jade, Jasper, Labradorite, Mica, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Sodalite.  These drop when mining their corresponding ores.

Gemstone Fragments: Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Chalcopyrite, Citrine, Jade, Jasper, Labradorite, Mica, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Sodalite. They are obtained by crushing Gemstone Chunks with the Mortar & Pestle.

Mica Powder:  Obtained by pulverizing Mica Fragments with the Mortar & Pestle. This item is used for making white pigment.

Grout:  Combined with Gemstone Fragments and Concrete Block to make a decorative mosaic tile block.

Whitewash: This will lighten any type of wood block, be it vanilla wood or mod wood, to prepare it for staining.

Earthen Essence: Used for Gatherer's Glee Potion, (rare) drop from logs and ores

Floral Essence: Used for Floral Fortune Potion, (rare) drop from harvesting blossoms

Maiden's Materials Manual: An easy to read, illustrated guide to getting the most out of this mod. This item will immediately spawn in inventory upon creating a new world.


The mod now has a config file that will allow you to customize your playing experience.

You now have the option to adjust the chance for the Ornamental Forest biome to spawn. 

In addition, you can choose which trees inside the Ornamental Forest have vines.  So feel free to pick and choose there.

You can also control vine growth, which means you can now pick and choose which vines you'd like to have growing. Note: once you turn vines off, they won't grow, even when placed. They will need to be turned back on in order to grow again.

 The final thing you can do with the config file is control ore generation. Each ore type in my mod is now completely customizable. So if you want obscene  amounts of one kind of ore, but none of another, you can make that happen. 

 A warning about ore customization: Be aware that by adjusting these settings you can possibly cause your game to lag or to crash.  So be careful with it, and just use common sense when setting the ore generation to your liking. 

 The config file can be found in your Minecraft settings folder, in .minecraft/config/maidensmaterials

Final note: 

I've hidden a small secret within the mod. Your clue for it is this:  Drinking the potion of Floral Fortune can really give you a green thumb. Good luck!




1.  Fixed an issue with clay mix recipe.

2. Adjusted ore generation, and biome rarity.

3. Added Config file. Config will allow customization of ore generation, vine growth and choosing which trees in the Ornamental Forest will have vines. See Mod description for more information.

4. Fixed an issue where saplings were not dropping from leaves.

5. Fixed an issue with the mortar and pestle not working properly when used in a gem fragment recipe.

6Fixed an issue with the Mica Fragments recipe.  Created a recipe so that all of the planks in the mod can be used to create a crafting table.


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