Magiks Most Evile

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Ever wanted to summon massive all comsuming elementals to destroy that one Minecraft world you've had since 2012 and would do anything to save? No? Huh... Well you should still get Magiks Most Evile! It does way more cool stuff that just blow stuff up! I think... --\_(~_~)_/--


Cast rituals with your altar! Spread fire with your amethyst-topped staff, and leap through dimensions! Run away from that cloud of vampire bats you just made the mistake of summoning! Get annihilated by a giant lightning chicken! (Note: lightning chicken coming soon) Go to the ball! So many ways to be bitten to death and blown up in a fiery cloud! 


So what are you waiting for? Get Magiks Most Evile now!


Still have questions? Visit our wiki for more information! Got a problem? See our bug tracker!




Thanks to my pre-alpha testers: machotoast, KoalaManiac & Minion3665. (Lookin' at you too, Eddywinkles!)

And to Flappy! We can never forget Flappy!


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