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This mod adds an item called Magic Mirror that allows the player to teleport from any location to his designated spawn point. You are required to have a spawn point before you can teleport!

To travel from other dimensions, you have to find Dimensional Mirror, or Dimension Crystal and craft regular Mirrors into Dimensional Mirrors!

To Craft Dimensional Mirrors, you need Regular Mirror and a Dimension Crystal.



     -Brazilian Portuguese translation by Mikeliro

     -Spanish translations by Sn4pe

     -Russian translations by DirectorX

 - Korean translations by mindy15963




Q: Can I Use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, just make sure to give proper credits.


Q: Can I / you post this mod to other sites?

A: No.


Q: I want to suggest a feature, where can I do that?

A: If you have an idea and want to suggest it, you can write down below, or on my Github (Preferred on Github).