Magic Cookies

29,428 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 3, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

All the blocks and items

I did my best to display all... sorry if it's not completely visible. Download the mod and try it out if you are curious ;-)

Get drunk on grog

Have some fun with your drinking buddies. Dance some, drink some, speak jibberish and meet the kraken!

Encase your enemies in tough ice

Nothing is more fun than being drunk and locking up your friends in magic ice with the Heart of Ice focus

The entropy shrine

Rumors have it there's a hidden room here.... and other rumors have it if you find one that goes down into a lava lake you will have quartz plentiful...

The mysterious Entropy Temple

When wandering in the nether you might chance upon the Entropy Temple... Rumor has it that it is a place of horror, loss and endless walking... only the brave enter here...

Which way to go...

It all seems the same... halp!

Endless wandering

Does it ever stop? Where is the end!

The center room

The hallowed dechanting table... fabled to remove enchantments from foci and tools and armour... But... there is also this feeling you can't just harvest it with any regular pickaxe... it might need something special...