1.20.6 / 1.21 Forge/Fabric/Neoforge NOTICE

Due to current health issues that prevent me from sitting down, I am unable to continue working on the ports. I will continue once I have recovered. Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Do you ever wanted Windows in Minecraft? With parapets, sills, shutters or curtains?! Well here I got the perfect mod that could suit your decorative needs!

This Minecraft Window mod is all about windows, it adds lots of windows. This mod also includes windows blinds, mosaic glass, mosaic glass panes, sills/parapets, gothic windows, shutters, curtains arrow slits..



Important Notice: Upgrading from 1.0.3 to 2.0.0?

After Updating from 1.0.3 to 2.0.0 the "double/tall" variants have been removed


Suggest your ideas here in the comments or on our Macaw's discord.





Macaw's Windows Video Showcase

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Q: Do you have any plans on backporting to 1.15.2 and lower?

A: Very unlikely, but a last 1.12.2 version could happen at some time..


Q: I can't open the windows

A: Please update to the latest 2.2.0 update.


Q: Can I use your mods in my modpack?

A: Yes, just credit us and with a reference to the curseforge page


Q: I have a translation for you, where can I send it to you?

A: Either on Github or on our discord server