>> Fabric Edition


Lychee is a mod that allows you to define custom interactions using JSON recipes and datapack.


Currently, Lychee has support for the following recipe type (with full JEI/REI support!):

  • Use or click on a block with item
  • Item entity burning
  • Item entity inside a specific block (for instance water)
  • Anvil crafting
  • Falling block crushing items or block
  • Lightning channeling
  • Item exploding
  • Block exploding
  • Random block ticking (1.19+)
  • Dripstone dripping (1.19+)
  • Advanced shaped crafting (1.19+)



Kiwi (Optional, but recommended. For more information please read the wiki)


Adding recipes

To create a new recipe that works in every world you create, you will need a datapack loader mod, such as OpenLoader.

Or you can add recipes using CraftTweaker or KubeJS.


Having trouble creating recipe, or got an idea for Lychee? You can join our Discord, or create a new issue in Lychee's GitHub repository.



Mod Showcase by baka943: