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Lychee is a mod that allows you to define custom interactions using JSON recipes and datapack.


Currently, Lychee has support for the following recipe type (with full JEI/REI support!):

  • Use or click on a block with item
  • Item entity burning
  • Item entity inside a specific block (for instance water)
  • Anvil crafting
  • Falling block crushing items or block
  • Lightning channeling
  • Item exploding
  • Block exploding
  • Random block ticking (1.19+)
  • Dripstone dripping (1.19+)
  • Advanced shaped crafting (1.19+)



Kiwi (Optional, but recommended. For more information please read the wiki)

Adding recipes

To create a new recipe that works in every world you create, you will need a datapack loader mod, such as OpenLoader.

Or you can add recipes using CraftTweaker or KubeJS.


Having trouble creating a recipe, or got an idea for Lychee? You can join our Discord, or create a new issue in Lychee's GitHub repository.



Mod Showcase by baka943: