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Luminescent Paint Panes


THIS MOD IS FOR FORGE; FABRIC VERSION HERE: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/luminescent-paint-panes-fabric


Change the brightness of your Luminescent Pane using a stoncecutter!


Tired of ruining you beautiful buildings with torches? Use luminescent paint panes instead! Easily replaceable and completly unintrusive, you will be able to light up pretty much anything with them!

And all you need to craft them is some glass blocks and glow ink! 

You can place them on the floor, on the ceiling, to the sides of blocks... pretty much anywhere!

Break them with your hand, or place a block on them, or maybe you want to just destroy the block that keeps it together? All up to you!


And from Version 1.0.1 and above, you will be able to see particles emit from the blocks only when you are holding the item, similar to barrier blocks! (Only the player holding the panes will be able to see the particles)