Lucky's Smarter Mobs


Improves the AI of most mobs to give the player a proper challenge. Fully configurable so players can personalize the mod to their liking. Best paired with mods that 


  • All mobs that have their behavioral characteristics set to "mob" will target you from much, much further away when they spawn. Ex. Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Creepers, etc.... Default 256 blocks, also creating a Datapack, and adding mobs to the player_target_blacklist entity tag will disable this for your mob.
  • Creepers will attempt to blow up walls to get to you if they are near you.
  • Spiders will shoot webs at you to slow you down.
  • Endermen will attempt to teleport players hiding under 2 block-high spaces to them.
  • Ravagers will break blocks below a certain hardness value in front of them to get to their kill.


  • Warden improvements, still figuring it out
  • Biped Mobs with pickaxes will break stone


Forge Only! For now!


Do as you please, just don't forget to credit!


Would appreciate a donation to continue modding! Check the PayPal link under my name!