Lucky Ores

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[1.15.2] Doesn't work with Tetra

#11 By  GamesAndInk

Created May 24, 2020 Updated Jul 8, 2020


When you use a Tetra pickaxe to break a Lucky Ore, nothing happens

May 25, 2020

I've gotten a bunch of reports like this so far, either it's a problem on my mods end, or most other mods don't register their pickaxes properly. I'll look into it soon(ish)

Jul 8, 2020

From what I can tell, the lucky ores don't drop with pickaxes from Silent Gear or with the Pickarang from Quark. It's also possible that most mods pickaxes aren't a high enough mining level. If it were changed to make the ore mine really slow without a high enough level pick, that could help realize that.

I'm using Forge v31.2.31 for 1.15.2.

Edited Jul 8, 2020

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