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This mod adds lucky ores, similiar to the lucky blocks added by the lucky block mod!

I felt like the concept of the lucky blocks is pretty cool, however they aren't "properly" built into the regular game!
That's why I created this mod, the lucky ores mod, which adds ores, that also have random events when mined, however they generate in the world as ores, so they can be found while mining like regular ores, embedding them properly into the game!


The latest version of this mod works for Minecraft Version: 1.15.2


Other supported versions: 1.12.2, 1.14.4


Please let me know whether the 1.12.2 and 1.15.2 versions of my mod work correctly on servers, as that is entirely untested currently!


Update Video on the Update/Backport Changes in my Mods:



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Now, let's get to the good part then!

This mod, in total "only" adds 2 Blocks and 6 Items, but there is quite a lot of content hiding behind those!



Mysterious Glowing Ore


This is the "main" lucky ore block. When mined with a iron pickaxe or better, a random event will happen. It glows a bit in the dark and has particles surrounding it. When mined it displays either red (bad event) or green (good event) particles. It cannot be silk touched, it will however sometimes drop itself if you're lucky! It can be smelted to gain a Mysterious Glowing Shard!


Eerie Glowing Ore


This is the other lucky ore variant. There are two! As you might be able to tell, this is a inferior variant. Why? Well, it works exactly the same, can't be silk touched, can be smelted, mined by iron and above etc. But if it detects, that it will generate a good event, it will reroll that event once, in the hope of generating a bad event instead!







Mysterious Glowing Shard


When mining a lucky ore, there is a chance this drops. The ores can also be smelted to get a shard. Very rarely it can also be found with the Treasure Hunter's Shovel!

This item itself has no use other than repairing tools made out of it or crafting new tools out of it!


Tunneler's Pickaxe


Crafted out of Mysterious Glowing Shard! Craft it like you would craft any other pickaxe. When mining a block, this pickaxe will automatically mine the block below it aswell, making it perfect to build tunnels or to quickly mine out huge rooms. this effect will only work on stones, not dirt for example!


Treasure Hunter's Shovel



Crafted out of Mysterious Glowing Shard! Craft it like you would craft any other shovel. When mining dirt or sand (only these two!) with this, there is a chance to additionally to the mined block also drop some additional treasure (some iron/gold or very rarely diamond for example) or some additional "garbage" items.


Woodcutter's Axe


Crafted out of Mysterious Glowing Shard! Craft it like you would craft any other axe. When chopping down trees, just like the shovel, there is a chance for this to drop additional wood related items (for example saplings, logs, leaves, sticks, apples or very rarely even a golden apple). The dropped additional item doesn't have to be related to the tree you are chopping down (Oak Wood can drop from Spruce Trees for example)



Sword of Hate


Crafted out of Mysterious Glowing Shard! Craft it like you would craft any other sword. Works like a regular sword, but watch out, there is a 20% chance whenever you hit a living creature, that the creature is struck by lightning! Very useful, as this does quite a lot of damage and can also be used to easily create charged creepers for example! Watch out though, the lightning damages everything, including you!



Farmer's Hoe


Crafted out of Mysterious Glowing Shard! Craft it like you would craft any other hoe. A regular hoe. However, when rightclicking sand, it gets turned into dirt. Rightclick red sand and it turns into Mycelium. Doing the same to gravel turns it into coarse dirt!


Mod Review/Showcase Videos:


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Custom Events:


In theory, I designed the event system in a way, that third party developers can register custom events. In practice, I am not quite sure how to make it possible for other mods to hook into that interface.

Message me if you are interested in adding custom events and I'll look into it!