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Lost Features adds some features that didn't end up getting added.


Features so far: 


  • Spawn in the Mangrove Swamp at night.


Sculk Jaw

  • A Sculk block that bites entities that happen to step on it.


Barnacle (Monster of the Ocean Depths)

  • Pulls players underwater with its tongue. Spawns in deep ocean biomes.


Wildfire (Hovering Inferno)

  • Has 4 shields that orbit around it. Takes less damage the more shields it has. Spawns in Nether Fortresses.



      • A special cow that bees like.


Chillager (Iceologer)

  • Summons falling ice above its target. Spawns in raids.


Ice Chunk

  • Summoned by the Chillager, falls and deals damage on impact.


Copper Golem

  • Can be summoned with a carved pumpkin on top of a copper or cut copper block.


Tuff Golem

  • Can be summoned with a carved pumpkin on top of tuff.




There are both Forge and Fabric versions of this mod.
The Fabric version requires the Fabric API.


Most entity textures by sheslong.


This mod is Forge-Fabric compatible. A Forge client can join a Fabric server, and a Fabric client can join a Forge server. This hasn't been tested much, but it's possible and seems to work.