Loquat is an area management mod for Minecraft map makers. You can take advantage of Minecraft's structure template system and data-driven world generation with enhanced and scriptable features in Loquat.


Currently, Loquat is in BETA. Please understand that there may be bugs and changes in the future.

You can use Loquat to...

  • Create areas like WorldEdit and manage them.
  • Trigger events when players enter or leave an area.
  • Restrict player behavior in the area, such as entering, leaving, and breaking blocks.
  • Summon mobs in an area in a data-driven manner, setting spawn conditions, monster waves, time limits, and scaling monster HP based on the number of players.
  • Use the Structure Block to save and load areas along with blocks, to generate jigsaw structures later.
  • Fully customize a randomized linear dungeon, with unlimited branches and rooms. Place it during world generation, or from the /place command.
  • Wipe out the entire structure after a process is finished.