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This client-only mod integrates Minecraft with Logitech G-series keyboards. It adds the ability to color the keys on a per key category basis. The colors can be configured either in the config file or in the ingame GUI that is accessed by pressing C (this can be bound to any key).

Ingame GUIIngame GUI


  • Select lighting color on a per key category basis
  • Additional colors for special case:
    • Color for all keys when the player is dead
    • Color for the key corresponding to the selected inventory slot
    • Color for keys with an unknown key category (just in case)


  • This mod only supports keyboards that support RGB on a per key basis like the G910
  • Switching to the standard lighting profile when alt-tabbing out and back to the ingame profile when alt-tabbing into the game currently only works when you are in a world.
  • This mod only works on 64bit machines with a 64bit Java installation

Developer features:

  • Add lighting effects to the keyboard on a per key basis as well as on the whole keyboard
  • Add descriptions for your key categories in the ingame config GUI

If you have a feature request or an issue with the mod please refer to the GitHub page linked at the top.


Beware that this mod ONLY supports Logitech keyboards! I will not add support for keyboards by other brands like Corsair as I do not own the hardware to debug the integration!