Login Shield

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Kills players instead of saving them

#17 By  LemADEC

Created May 28, 2020 Updated Aug 2, 2020


As of Login_Shield-1.12.2-3-g7c6e7ac, the mod tries to force teleportation to players right after they die even if they're already being teleported to safety through other mod or plugins;

Also, when changing dimension, the mod appears to save invalid position from previous dimension.

Furthermore, from a quick check in code, the mod is using WorldType ids instead of Dimension id so it doesn't work with mods or plugins providing multiple dimensions of the same type.

On a side note, the mod do a synchronization every server tick, causing unnecessary server load. Consider using a thread safe structure like CopyOnWriteArray for example.

Aug 2, 2020

If you have a conflict you can disable "teleportplayer" and "blockconflict" detection in the config


Ill need to look into the other things when life stops throwing garbage fires at me

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