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Update to 1.16/1.17?

I will finish 1.5.0 for 1.12.2 first. I have been working on it for a very long time and I will finish it properly. I can't tell when it will be done but probably in a few months (maybe November or December) but almost definitely this year. Once that is done I will port to the newest minecraft version, which will be 1.16 most likely. I will skip all the versions in between and no there nothing  you can do to change my mind. So if you are waiting for that don't expect anything this year.



This mod allows you to build anything you want. It adds a way to add more detail to everything. You can hammer blocks into tiles which can be 4096 (or even more) times smaller than an ordinary minecraft block (you can do it even smaller, because its configurable). You can combine your tiles together to create doors, chairs, ladders, no-clip, storage and any kind of furniture structure. There are endless possibilities as shown in the trailer. So download this mod and start to go crazy (and maybe post some pics of your work).


Development for this mod started about 3 years ago, since then it has grown to a massive collection of features. Many things needed a lot of tweaking and time to fix all the bugs.



LTPhoto (by _Doc)

LittleOpener (by Alleluid)





Planning on using ImmersiveEngineering coils in your builds?

Install this resourcepack made by FreezePhoenix Download


Game has crashed?

Crash during loading the world

Just restart the game. LittleTiles extracts a core mod inside your "mods/your minecraft version/" folder which will not run for the first time. Once it's extracted (after first startup) everything should work just fine.

Crash during startup

Be sure to have downloaded the newest version of CreativeCore.

Removed the mod

You have to delete the LittleTilesCore v1.0.0.jar file inside the /mods/your minecraft version/ folder. This additional file is required to fix issues with BetterFoilage mod.


Tutorial (how to use it)


About Chisels & Bits

This mod is not a clone or a copy of C&B. My mod is out there for a long time already (2 years), but it has never reached the popularity of C&B. Our mods work fine alongside each other, no known issues so far. Unfortunately, there is no way of using C&B stuff for LittleTiles or the other way around, but it might be possible one day. LittleTiles is a quite different, as you might have recognized by watching the trailer.



I get this question from time to time, especially in comparison to c&b. This video might explain it better:



Here are some examples:

More pictures 



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