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Little Logistics: Quilt Edition

Water (and soon Rails) transport mod for Quilted Minecraft! This is the official, beta-ish port of the Little Logistics mod.

This port ist still work in progress As of now, only tugs and barges have been implemented, without chunk loading abilities.
You are welcome to report any bugs on the GitHub repository.

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About Little Logistics


Picture of little logistics' vessels

Vessels are what it all began with. It's Little Logistics core feature. There are two types of vessels: tugs and barges. Barges can do lots of useful things, be it transportation of your beloved items or gathering food on the seas. On the other hand, tugs will carry barges on their way. If either gets stuck, you can use a fishing rod to free them.

Known bugs and or problems

Small ships

As with the forge version, you may run into problems here. Ships may flee from your vessels. To avoid this keep your Small Ships boats few chunks away or disable WaterMobFlee in Small Ships config.
We have already determined a solution to this problem. However it has a considerably low-priority for now.


As with all other mods, it's a drag-and-drop process.
Note that you need quilt, fabric won't work!

Dependencies (that you need to install)

  • Architectury API

Dependencies (bundled with beta jar)

  • Cardinal Components: Base, Block, Entity
  • ForgeConfigAPI port
  • Porting lib


  • Tech Reborn Energy API (for electric tugs and trains)


  • WTHIT (offers integration)


Forge version

...... Link, open your eyes

Fabric port

Depending on the demand I (luaxlab) may do a unquiltification. However, expect this to have very low priority.


Generally speaking, backporting on quilt/fabric is easier than it is on forge. However, we don't expect people to still play on older version with fabric/quilt, so a back port wouldn't be of great use.