Lithium (Fabric)

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Filename lithium-fabric-mc1.17-0.7.0.jar
Uploaded by 2No2Name
Uploaded Jun 8, 2021
Game Version 1.17
Size 390.76 KB
Downloads 33,513
MD5 7b3609a8cdc41b679160381d0e94b2e8
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Java 16
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This is the first release of Lithium for Minecraft 1.17. It contains new hopper related optimizations and fixes a bug in Lithium's tick scheduler patches. Furthermore an API that allows other mods to signal special behavior of their modded inventories is included.


  • new: Several hopper related optimizations, including:
    • Inventory modification tracking: Skip item transfers when transfer is guaranteed to fail.
    • Entity movement tracking by section: Skip searching for entities when entity interactions are guaranteed to fail.
    • Signal strength caching: Cache comparator signal strength of inventories until they are modified.
    • Inventory caching: Skip searching for inventories in the world when it guaranteed to interact with the previous inventory again.
    • Item transfer optimizations: Avoid stream code, avoid unnecessarily copying item stacks


  • change: remove patches that are incompatible with Minecraft 1.17


  • fix: tick stealing in positive direction on chunk unloading is different from vanilla

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