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Literal Ascension adds intuitive solutions for vertical mobility.

Stepladders. Place a Stepladder and climb it to clear a vertical obstacle or to get something out of reach, then instantly pick up your Stepladder with a right click.


Carving Tools. Make your environment climbable by carving notches and chutes in stone and wood with a Carving Tool.


Climbing Rope. Feed your Climbing Rope from above to safely descend anywhere.


Literal Ascension for 1.12.2 depends on Shadowfacts' Forgelin.


Literal Ascension for older versions of Minecraft depends on Shadowfacts' Forgelin 1.0.5+, LLibrary 1.7.0+ and Minecraft Forge If you are on Minecraft 1.11.2, make sure to install the 1.11.2 version of LLibrary. Make sure to install the correct dependencies before running the game and reporting any issues.


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