Liroth: Revamped (Fabric)

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Two Years Ago, I sent in a mod to CurseForge that would send me down a slippery slope of understanding Minecraft Mods. From the reason of why people weren't going about certain tasks such as making a certain BlockEntity or creating a whole new dimension with randomly generating structures, or possibly creating a complex boss through the code they were so familiar with. This mod offers new BlockEntities, new Dimensions and structures, no bosses however, as that is a difficult task in of itself to make a unique boss that doesn't directly copy from the vanilla game itself, of course the mod does copy a lot of vanilla code, after all it is a modification of the game and not it's own game. But with this small backstory of this mod out of the way, it is officially time to get to the introduction/description of what this mod is and how it has changed from it's Legacy version.


Ladies, Gentlemen and others, I bring to you:

I have been spending day in and out to really get this mod's kinks dented and revamped to bring you the mod that I wished to bring all the while making it similar to the fashion of Minecraft still in which all lore from the original mod has been more or less sapped away, reason behind this decision is based off the fact that I simply had no way of properly portraying this "lore" I had for Liroth without making it impossible for me to achieve mod-wise. However, I have brought to you a new version of Liroth which touches on what it was supposed to: Dimensions


And these are only two dimension in of themselves, if you want to see the rest, I implore you play the mod! Now, I do recommend you play this mod with Patchouli

For the guide book alone is a clear difference between the revamped version and the legacy version! I promised the Legacy version the guide book, but my lack of motivation eventually made me walk away from the mod. Another thing that makes this mod entirely different from the former is that the original mod used MCreator as an amazing base. Now, do not get me wrong when I say that MCreator was a hassle to use and does use some unneeded ways to make a mod, however, everyone has to start from somewhere, and frankly, MCreator is a good start for those who are at a level zero with code, if you're maybe a level one, maybe try coding first, but personally, I was too slow and didn't have the time to study any code whatsoever, MCreator helped me balance the desire of wanting to make a mod as well as the fact that I was still a sophomore in school and was juggling school assignments and this mod. Now I have thrown away the whole need to use MCreator, not a single scrap of code from the original mod exists here, none whatsoever, some textures from the original mod still do exist of course, but most of the assets have been updated! 


But beside that, let's get to how you start the mod for real!

So first off, the tutorial book is based off Patchouli so if you didn't see that little tid bit above, please do so, and grab that mod because the book will REALLY help, otherwise 9/10 you'll be confused and lost. For the book you're going to need, well, a book first off, a normal leather and three paper book and a wilted liroth rose which comes with the newest generation structure in the overworld:


Once you've obtained the two, you can craft it in a crafting grid 2x2 or 3x3, doesn't matter. The guide touches all structures, mobs, dimensions and biomes that exist in the mod and also teaches you how to use certain block entities and how to make weapons and armor.


Now that we've crossed that bridge, let me bring forth three entities you can expect to see in these dimensions:


Reintroducing the mob "Skilvert" as the "Forsaken Corpse" to really be easier to say and to more or less touch on what they were in the lore.



As well as reintroducing the "Gulift" as the "Skeletal Freak" in this revamped version!



AND OF COURSE, a NEW face, the Fungal Fiend. If you want to know what it acts like or is, you can do so playing with this mod. I am not going to tell you anything, it'd be too easy, just read about em in the book!


This mod was a long time coming and I am extremely excited to announce that I have practically gotten all of what I wanted in the mod. 




-Q: Do you plan on updating the mod further?

-A: Minecraft Updates wise, yeah, new content wise, maybe not.


-Q: Forge Port?

-A: Right Here.

-Q: What made you decide to go to Fabric?

-A: A lot more documentation.


-Q: Heard of Architectury?

-A: I learned of it come the beginning of the month of March (this month as of writing this) and am thinking of rewriting all code for it, I have the hardest parts out of the way which is concepts and features.


-Q: Why did you remove two of the previous dimensions?

-A: They were lore dimensions and served no purpose.


-Q: Where are the corrupted items?!

-A: The items that made them were no longer obtainable through any fun way so I opted to remove them.


-Q: Why is this block/item still in the mod but left unused in the final product?

-A: I had made new textures for unneeded blocks or items and just opted to leave them in, either for decorative purposes or just because.


-Q: REI Support?

-A: The way I had to do recipes made it way to different from the documentation that REI had, cause I couldn't just make a recipe-type but had to hardcode a single recipe, if you think you can do it better than I did, the mod is open-source and you can send a commit in if you can do it better.


-Q: Open Source?

-A: Answered that in the last question but yes, the mod is open source.


-Q: Did it really take you a whole year to release another update?

-A: No, I was just too lazy and didn't feel like working on a mod for a while, but I really swung myself into this with a smile and have finished with a smile.


-Q: Are you going to disappear again?

-A: Can't say for sure, lmao.


-Q: Can I put this in my modpack?

-A: Yeah sure, just be sure to credit me type crap. :)




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