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This mods add liquid versions of the following blocks:

  • Dirt (also coarse and podzol)
  • Stone (also granite, andesite and diorite)
  • Sandstone (also red) *As of 1.1
  • Sand (also red) *As of 1.1
  • Soulsand and Netherrack *As of 1.1
  • Clay *as of 1.2
  • Terracotta and Stained Terracotta (all colors/colours) *as of 1.2
  • Concrete (all colors/colours) *as of 1.3
  • Gravel *as of 1.4
  • Glowstone *as of 1.4
  • Magma block *as of 1.4

Just craft the bucket of the fluid, place it down and watch as it solidifies after the specified time in the config. (200 ticks by default)


It's recommended to use JEI to see the recipes.


That's pretty much it. It's liquid blocks that you can use like cement to fill in areas.


This mod is highly inspired by the mod Liquid Dirt which I loved playing with.

I see this as a spiritual successor to the mod.



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