13,086 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod

  • allows items to be reenchanted (configurable; enabled by default);
  • normalizes anvil enchantment cost to take the same amount of experience as a player with that exact level;
  • makes enchantment cost for players with levels above 30 the same as for players with level 30 (configurable);
  • allows enchantments in enchantment tables to be revealed (disabled by default);
  • disables survival mode anvil level limit;
  • makes anvil repair cost constant instead of exponential (configurable; enabled by default);
  • disables bookshelf limit and increases range to 64 meters horizontally and vertically (configurable);
  • allows treasure enchantments to be acquired at enchanting tables (configurable: enabled by default); and
  • prevents Minecraft from reducing certain values to 127 or 32767 and instead remain up to 2147483647.


large bookshelf radius

level 128 entryresult of level 128 enchantment

treasure enchantment at an enchanting table:


I prefer that all issues and suggestions be posted to this mod's GitHub repository because it helps me keep track of them.


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