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Limited Life is a Minecraft mod that challenges players to survive with only 24 in-game hours.
The goal is to be the last one standing among a group of players.

In this mod, players' name changes color to indicate how much time they have left:
- Green for over 16 hours;
- Yellow for over 8 hours;
- Red for under 8 hours.

Players lose an hour of time every time they die, but gain 30 minutes of time by successfully killing another player.
Yellow players can attack green players, and red players can attack yellow and green players.
If a player runs out of time, they are eliminated from the game.


The Boogeyman is elected every 30 minutes (if 2 or more people are online.)
The Boogeymans' mission is to kill a player before the time runs out (the next boogeyman election).
When The Boogeyman successfully kills a player, The Boogeyman received an extra hour of playtime.
The player killed by The Boogeyman loses 2 hours of playtime.


Everything you'd like to customize is customize able in the provided config file:

  "enableTitles": true,
  "secondsToLive": 86400,
  "gainedSecondsPerKill": 1800,
  "gainedSecondsPerKillBoogeyman": 3600,
  "removedSecondsPerDeath": 3600,
  "removedSecondsPerDeathBoogeyman": 7200,
  "secondsPerBoogeymanElection": 1800,
  "secondsForBoogeymanToKill": 1800,
  "enableBoogeyman": true,
  "boogeymanFailLosesColor": true,
  "removedSecondsPerBoogeymanFail": 7200