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Underworld Rampart

Spawns on the roof of the Underworld. Has electric cannons to protect it, but houses great treasure if you can make it inside.

Sample Setup

An image of what a typical central setup might look like.

Underworld Portal

By making a demonstone portal like so, you can journey to the dark and evil Underworld.

Wireless Lightning Power

Using wireless power incurs some losses, but it's great if you don't want to cluster all of your machinery together in one spot. Also, on the right, you can see a player-usable version of the evil electrocannon.

Skyfather Armor

A truly mighty set of armor, fit for the gods themselves. Also, a fitting Olympian sword.

Kinetic Armor

Ah, what you can do with Lightning Batteries... how about powered armor that makes you invincible, and a powered sword that can unleash some serious damage?

Setup from the Back

A rear view of a typical setup.

Thaumcraft Integration

Aspects, anyone?

Infusion Recipes

Yep, the Lightning Guide now has an index with all the infusion recipes you can make. No more guessing.