Lightning Additions

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Lightning Additions - by StormyMode:

 Lightning Additions (LA) [Mod for Minecraft] is highly experimental! 


Getting Started: 

Tachyon Shards
Put a diamond in the Particle Accelerator with redstone as fuel and craft an Inert Tachyon. Repeat the process until you reach he final form of the shard, the Stabilized Tachyon. Note: As a byproduct of the acceleration you will receive glowstone! 

 Current Features in Lightning Additions:

  • Exertion Magnet (Attracts items/XP in a radius)
  • Atomic Manipulation Inhibitor (Accelerates ticks -- farming, furnace/cooking and more!)
  • Block Placer (Automatic placing function for currently supplied block.)
  • Breaker (Break blocks with a redstone signal!)
  • Chunk boundaries/Light level Overlays (F9 for ported NEI Chunks/F7 for ported NEI Light Level)
  • Commands (PAR - reload PA recipes) /UUID - fetch and copy player UUID to clipboard!)
  • Compressed Bookshelf (Two of these blocks and you'll be getting LVL30 Enchants!)
  • Crop Comparator (Outputs a redstone-signal if:)
    • Crops are fully matured.
    • Sugar Cane is 3+ tall // Stem has attached melon/pumpkin
  • Cursed Earth type blocks
    • Tainted Soil (spawns enemy mobs when in darkness, burns in daylight)
    • Enchanted Earth (Spawns passive mobs when in light)
    • Bewitched Endstone (Spawns ender mobs when in darkness, only burns in overworld daylight, only spreads in The End)
    • Cursed Netherrack (Spawns nether mobs when in light, destroyed by rain, only spreads in The Nether)
  • Dimensional Hopper (Wireless Transport of Items through Hopper access to Ender Chests..)
  • Displacement Wand (Essentially a ‘Ender-Pearl Teleport’ wand!)
  • Emerald Apple (Cures Zombie Villagers and resets Trade-outs)
  • Ender Backpack (Portable "Ender Chest" in Inventory)
  • EXP-Force Manipulator (XP Storage Block for sharing XP! - custom model Ooooo!)
  • Generators
    • Biofuel Generator (Too much photosynthesis? Meh, I prefer power..) [Inc. JEI integration]
    • Fuel Generator (Does it burn well? Throw it into the fire and generate some energy!)
    • Solar Generator (Generate power from the sun! ...with a boost of energy from tachyons)
  • Igniter (Ignites the facing adjacent block with a Redstone Signal..)
  • Impressively Clear Glass ("Where have I seen this before.." -- Connected Textures Glass)
  • In-Game Calculator (Press "C" - default calculator GUI key!)
  • Magnetized Chest (Sucks up items and places them inside internal inventory)
  • Mining Dimension (Beggars can’t be choosers in this resource-filled world)
  • Nether Ores! (Vanilla Nether Ores & Overworld/Nether basic modded materials - copper/tin etc.)
  • Compressed Base (Direwolf20's Favorite Building!)
    • Right click to spawn in a 9x9 that has been squished together with a hydraulic press
    • When placed in world in a any pattern (L, T, or +) you get extensions added to the central 9x9!
  • Nothingness Gateway (@Direwolf20's Void World - zenith phase included! optional night-time..)
  • Operation ‘L’’
    • December Victus (You are more than anything you felt before!)
    • January Blues (Heartbroken and Butchered. Not as good of a feeling.)
  • Particle Accelerator (Inspired from ‘The Flash’ - features beyond imagining…)
  • Philosopher's Stone (Transmutation of placed blocks and so many "Future" features)
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Obsidian (Just another Wither-proof Obsidian and Glass block!)
  • Right-click 'Harvest' feature! (Harvests & Replants crops when mature on Right-click.)
  • Sound Muffler (Silence those annoying SFX without compromising other sound events!)
  • Tachyon Enhancer (Whooshing Travel Speed! Targeting Lightning Ability with shards!)
  • Tachyon Shards (Fractured - particles faster than the Speed of Light)
    • Spawns lightning wherever you are looking while wearing the Tachyon Enhancer!
  • Water Drum (Infinite Water in a Tile Block! - Bypasses the Nether too.)
  • Wireless Charger (Charge those energy-related items once more!)

 Planned Features for Lightning Additions:


Bold = For sure being added

Known Bugs:

  • "Particle Accelerator" - Buggy Model.
  • "Watering Can" - (Automatic Mode) - looking at air blocks crashes client.

    "Bless this (temporary) Mess!" -Stormy 2K16

    "One letter?!" -Mark 2K17

Modpack Policy: As long as you meet the following conditions, you are free to use 'Lightning Additions' in your Modpack!

  • Notify 'StormyMode' before using in your Modpack, for player-base tracking purposes.
  • Abide by the Minecraft EULA and make sure players aren't required to pay in order to play.
  • Immediate removal of Lightning Additions from your Modpack, if requested by an author.




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