Lightest Lamps

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Omega Lamp

Normal-Delta Lamps Comparison

Different types of Glowstone in nether

before 2.3.0, can be enabled in config

Underwater Lamps

Lamps that have bigger light range and works underwater.


Decoration Block

Alchemical Lamp

Pushes mobs away in area 8x8 blocks

Decoration Blocks

Neon Rod Block, Argon Rod Block, Krypton Rod Block.

Vanta Black

For creating dark rooms.

New Glowstones

Neon Glowstone, Argon Glowstone, Krypton Glowstone.

New Ore and Crafting Station

Glowing Glass


Clear Lamp, Alpha Lamp, Beta Lamp, Gamma Lamp, Delta Lamp, Epsilon Lamp, Zeta Lamp, Omega Lamp.