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Lightest Lamps


Lightest Lamps Mod


The Lightest Lamps Mod


Tired of placing torches everywhere?
Lightest Lamps adds a lot of lamps that have bigger light range and special ones.


Now there are 16 lamps for your disposal:

  • Lamps with extended light area. Ranging from 16 up to 30 blocks in opposition of vanilla's 15 range.
  • Underwater lamps with extended light area.
  • Interdiction lamp that pushes mobs away from your base.

Also adds

  • Machine for crafting these lamps.
  • More glowstone types.
  • New resources.
  • Glowing pillars.
  • Glowing glass.
  • Full black block. The Vantablack.
  • Cute fruit like hanging lantern.


Want fabric version? Here: Fabric/Quilt Version

1.18.2 version for forge is out! Please be aware that this version is in Alpha and needs polish.

1.20.1 version is on the way!


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Version support:

1.14.x Forge: No support
1.15.x Forge: No support
1.16.x Forge: No support
1.17.x Forge: Not planned (No backport)
1.18.x Forge: No support
1.19.x Forge: Skipped
1.20.x Forge: Not released yet (LTS)

Fabric/Quilt versions: See Fabric/Quilt page




Spotlight / Mod overview



Mod Extra Compablity:


- Cas Centrifuge Category

ChemLib after version 3.2.0 (1.15.x).

- Piles and dust are replaced by chemlib alternatives

Mekanism after version 3.3.0 (1.16.x).

- Refined Glowstone can be used in Gas Centrifuge.

Mystical Agriculture after version 3.4.0 (1.15.x).

- Glowing dust crop, essence, seed


Modpack usage:

Yes, you can use this mod in your Modpack.